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Rabbi Michael M. Cohen works for the Middle East organization, the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and is the author of "Einstein's Rabbi: A Tale of Science and the Soul." Contact him at:

Nature Without Borders

By Rabbi Michael M. Cohen This article originally appeared in the Huffington Post and appears here with the permission of the author Like a sand dune slithering across the desert landscape covering and swallowing anything in its way, the Arab Revolutions have tenaciously spread across the Middle East. In the midst of that dramatic change I found myself earlier this spring in Dubai. I had been invited to attend the United States-based World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists as a representative …

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US Middle East Foreign Aid: Investing in Quiet, But Not Peace

By Rabbi Michael M. Cohen While the outcome of the Arab revolutions will not be clear for some time, the shifting sands are already revealing certain truths. One of those has been the misguided use of billions and billions of dollars by the United States over recent decades to support the peace treaties between Israel and its neighbors, Egypt and Jordan. What the United States invested in was not peace, but rather quiet, the lesser half of peace and quiet. A careful examination shows that the …

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Why Israel Must Seize the Moment

Natalie Portman’s award winning performance in Black Swan has renewed interest in the ballet Swan Lake. The ballet itself has the hopeless feel of a Greek tragedy where nothing can be done to prevent the inevitable heartbreaking outcome. Too often the Arab-Israeli conflict has the same feel. With events in the Middle East unfolding in a dramatic fashion, along with its unknown consequences for the Arab-Israeli conflict, I went to see the State Ballet Theatre of Russia perform Swan Lake. As …

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Cross-Cultural Environmental Studies in Israel

By Rabbi Michael Cohen If you are looking for a different kind of study abroad experience that combines environmental studies, a cross-culture education and living experience, the Middle East, kibbutz and desert living then the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is the program for you. ·       The Arava Institute is the premier environmental teaching and research program in the Middle East, preparing future Arab (Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian) and Jewish leaders …

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