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Mihal grew up in Chicago, and is a 2nd generation Hashomernik. Mihal came to Israel before in 1976. Since then she has done a little of everything: dairy farmer, cook, zoo keeper, artists model, grade school teacher, translator, reception clerk, housecleaner, gardener, beach cleaner, graphic artist, document manager and more. Currently she lives in Be'er Sheva.

Mihal Eliav, of Beer Sheva, is a teacher who made aliyah from the United States 30 years ago. She posted these thoughts on the Shomernet (Hashomer Hatzair alumni) listserv.

12/30/09 afternoon Tonight, about half an hour ago, the sirens wailed for the first time in Be’er Sheva. About 40 seconds later, right on schedule, fell 2 bombs. So, we now know that the system works. I knew from the sound of the booms that these falls weren’t very close, having had something to compare them to in Sderot. When the sirens started, I was on my way to the phone to call a friend. I altered course and stood against the east-facing wall of my flat until a minute or two …

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Report from Be’er Sheva

By Mihal Eliav Down here we haven’t heard any bombs or aircraft. Yet. What we do hear, of course, is the media having their field day and what we don’t hear is the public. After much thought, I have a theory as to why the public has gone from being one of the most news-and-public-discussion oriented in the world, to one of deafening silence: we’re burned out; we have nothing left to say. ‘Yet’ it is hanging over us every minute, and we want to leave the evil to its …

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