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Bernard-Henri Levy is one of France's most famed philosophers, a journalist, and a bestselling writer. He is considered a founder of the New Philosophy movement and is leading thinker on religious issues, genocide, and international affairs. His most recent book, Left in Dark Times: A Stand Against the New Barbarism, discusses political and cultural affairs as an ongoing battle against the inhumane.

Why is the UN Blaming the Jews

Everyone remembers the famous Durban conference, held in the city of the same name in South Africa under the aegis of the United Nations, which ended two days before the September 11 attacks. We all have in our memories the terrible spectacle offered at Durban by the NGO representatives who ostensibly gathered to decry “intolerance” and “racism,” but who in reality agreed on the fact that there was only one racist state in the world—Israel. And I myself cannot, in any case, forget the …

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