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Cary Sperling has a highly diverse background. Having obtained Master's degrees in both Education and Sociology, she also completed doctoral course work in Sociology at the New School for Social Research, now New School University. She has taught every grade level from nursery through university including several years at Baruch College, CUNY and Haifa University in Israel, where she not only taught many classes to Ethiopian students but also worked closely with their community. In both Israel and American she has conducted research, written articles, edited dissertations, books and articles as well as grant-writing on varied topics.

Encounter Point

       By Cary Sperling We’re all being bombarded by TV, radio, emails and newspaper articles about the ‘situation’ in Israel/Palestine. Although the situation is generally depressing there are a few optimistic points. A most profound and uplifting one is a documentary I recently saw. The documentary, Encounter Point, will be shown at the Quad Cinema in Manhattan from Nov. 17-23rd. This film tells the story of everyday Israelis and Palestinians. It features a former Israeli …

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The Hope

By Cary Sperling Like many others reading this, I am filled with angst and apprehension over events happening in Israel, especially since I lived there for several years. But upon receiving an uplifting email from an Israeli friend and then of the new ceasefire situation, a sudden insight hit me. It was the reality that we, the Jewish people, are like no other people. We have survived centuries or millennia (5766 years according to my Jewish calendar!) of persecution, discrimination and whatever …

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On Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

By Cary Sperling As is well-known, lavish bar and bat mitzvah celebrations have become the norm in the lives of many American Jews. One Long Island entertainer recently told me that a well-produced event ? complete with casino games, video productions, DJs, troupes of dancers, and musicians?may cost more than $100,000. Providing testimony are not only the 151,000 pages in Google that offer contacts for every significant aspect of this event, but also a recent article in the New York Times Book …

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