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Barry Steinberg was raised in Brooklyn and Long Island. He first arrived in Israel in 1969, participating in a kibbutz volunteer program. In 1971 he was part of the second contingent of western immigrants that reestablished Kibbutz Adamit in Western Galilee. He remained there until 1989 when I moved to Kibbutz Eilon. He have worked as a fruit farmer in both communities. He represented Adamit at Mapam and various kibbutz federation functions. Barry developed strong ties with our Bedouin neighbors of Arab al-Aramshe. He was involved in the earlier stages of Aramshe's integration into the local regional counsel. He am married with three sons.

More Cloudless Myths

By Barry Steinberg I always recall my first days in this country, where I claim erroneously, that weeks elapsed before any clouds appeared overhead. They were clear hot and very blue summer days. This first mythic impression remained with me, just like the rasping of its buses, the drafts of hot air through their opened windows; the peculiar fumes of uncommonly different fuels in those days preceding air-conditioned transportation. It is almost a certainty that gray clouds converged and fused, …

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Breaking the Routine

By Barry Steinberg For those rigidly adhering to civil defense instruction, a few hours are set aside to emerge from their cave-like existence, into the vast summery daylight. They can exercise themselves or their dogs, provision their pantries, or water their garden. In Eilon there are people who have a tough time breaking with routine. On these usually gray and overcast mornings, you can find them huffing up hill by the main gate, pummeling the air with their short mechanical aerobic rhythms. …

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Report from Eilon

By Barry Steinberg It is almost a cool dawn breeze rather than sporadic shelling that wakes us. The dog, of course is alarmed, when the shelling finally resumes. He leaps into the air, barking sharply, dispelling any hope of falling back to asleep again. We think the firing, when it does come, is mostly directed into the coastal town of Tyre, tracing the route of more recent rocket attacks in this sector. Debby is in Tel Aviv for the weekend. Work has slowed down in her office. Employees …

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