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David Steiner is the Director of Education at Congregation Solel in Highland Park, Illinois. He holds a doctorate in education from National Louis University and is currently studying to be a rabbi at the Hebrew Seminary for the Deaf.

Making Rabin’s Memory a Blessing


It’s so tempting to make the comparison between the Torah portion, Chayyei Sarah, and the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Both are stories about faith and someone named Yitzhak who faces death. Yitzhak, the son of Abraham and Sarah is spared his life. Yitzhak, the son of Nehemia and Rosa, is not as fortunate.  Yitzhak our forefather could have died by his father’s hand. Yitzhak, our brother, died at the hand of his fellow Jewish citizen. Yitzhak, Abraham’s heir, despite …

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BINA Aims to Create Israel’s National Spirit

  (Editor’s note: Ameinu and BINA, an Israeli organization, have recently agreed on a partnership which will both support BINA’s work in Israel and bring their style of Jewish study combined with social action to the American Jewish community. We will publish a full description of the relationship in the future but in the meantime this article provides an introduction to the organization and its leader.) Touted as “the future Israel,” by Israel’s Education Minister Professor Yuli …

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The Folly of “Re-Branding” Israel

By David J. Steiner In my city, Chicago, the Jewish Federation is all excited about a new campaign to brand Israel to change the Jewish state’s current public perception. The Federation thinks such an initiative is imperative for Israel. I beg to differ. The man known as the Doctor of Spin, Edward Bernays, the father of modern public relations, described his profession in a way that reflects the JUF’s objectives, but does not confront the reality of what is being framed. Bernays …

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