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Noah Taft is a graduate of Habonim. He spent a year at the Hebrew High School in Sde Boker and another year at the Machon L'madrichai Chutz L'aretz. For many years he was a sit-com writer and is currently the V.P. of Sales and Marketing for California Faucets.

It’s the Oil, Stupid (or: Let Them Sell Sand)

By Noah Taft All this finger-pointing over Iraq makes me sick. When it comes to our Middle East policy, it’s clear what America’s core weakness is: our unwavering addiction to petroleum. Our most implacable enemies in the region are awash in petro-dollars. Iran, Iraq, and let’s not forget Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of the radical Islamic ideology that it exports to madrassas all over the world. Now imagine if the world were more energy independent. These enemies would no longer be able …

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