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Bruce Temkin is the New York Director of the New Israel Fund, an organization that advances civil rights, equality and social justice for all Israelis. Bruce was in Habonim Dror garin Gal Hadash to Kibbutz Ravid, was Mazkir Tnua in 1986-87, Rosh Tavor '85 and '86, and was on workshop 31.

Pride in Jerusalem

I had the opportunity to lead a group of New Israel Fund donors to Israel this August, most of whom were gay and lesbian, to participate in the WorldPride activities in Jerusalem. The press in Israel and around the world was buzzing with stories this past spring about the storm surrounding this second international LGBT event. The first one was in Rome in 2000, and last year’s was postponed due to the Gaza disengagement. It was a rare display of ecumenical solidarity: the chief rabbis of …

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