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Yigal Tzahor is Chairman of the World Labor Zionist Movement and Manager of the Ideological-Educational Center at the Berl Katzenelson Foundation in Israel.

The Plight of Israel’s Foreign Workers

       By Yigal Tzachor The status of “foreign workers”—immigrants who come to Israel for employment opportunities and are not eligible to become citizens under the Law of Return—is determined by the Israeli government’s and the official authorities’ policies towards them. Like its predecessors, Olmert’s government has a dichotomous and contradictory policy towards these workers. On the one hand, the current government favors granting an increased number of work permits to the …

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Israel’s Third World

By Yigal Zachor Those visiting Kiryat Shmona after the second Lebanon War were likely surprised to see homes left standing. A town bombarded by more than a thousand Katyusha rockets and mortar shells remained standing. Yet this picture is misleading; those who wish to see what happened in Kiryat Shmona must look into the soul and gently feel the social wound, whose damage is worse than the physical one. Those walking around the town’s main streets see the housing projects constructed in …

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100 Years of Settlement

By Yigal Tzachor In anticipation of the 60 year celebration of Israel’s independence, we decided to travel around the kibbutzim that encircle Israel. I started by leaving my home in Revivim, which was one of the three outpost kibbutzim established in the Negev in 1943.  Revivim was the inspiration for the 1950 novel, A Land without Shade, written by early settlers Yonat and Alexander Sened. We traveled southward, passing Sde Boker, the kibbutz of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben …

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Politics Now

Israel’s Winograd Commission has been disbanded and so the conduct of the government during the Second Lebanon War is no longer on the agenda. The only current public debates  are the one between Minister of Justice Daniel Friedman and President of Israel’s Supreme Court, Dorit Beinish, and the one surrounding former President Moshe Katzav’s decision to renege on his plea bargain. In Kadima, Prime Minister Olmert’s authority is no longer questioned. Lieberman’s …

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An Open Letter to Prime Minister Olmert: The Plight of Nahariya One Year After the Lebanon War

By Yigal Tzachor Dear Mr. Prime Minister, A year has passed since we initiated the Second Lebanon War, twenty four years after the First Lebanon War. Both wars were futile, fanning the flames of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and leaving our region once again a bloodied battlefield. More than once, we were close to reaching agreements on a possible solution for freeing the region from this vicious circle. There were the London Agreement in 1987 and the Oslo Accords. We came so close to …

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Six Days and Forty Years

By Yigal Tzachor Forty years represents more than two thirds of the life of the State of Israel. These are years that have seen dramatic events which have pulled Israeli society in different and often opposing directions. As is customary in these parts, there are diverse interpretations of each of the significant events in our history, ranging from pessimistic to optimistic. The definitions of Right and Left as understood in Israeli society 40 years ago have almost vanished. Just look for any …

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Jerusalem of Red

       By Yigal Tzachor There are pictures that are etched in the collective and national memory for generations, becoming a milestone in the history of the nation. Such is the case of a photograph of the Israeli paratrooper weeping at the Western Wall. His was an outburst of emotion over the liberation of the Old City and the holy places, for the first time ever under the control of the State of Israel. Forty years have passed since then. The paratroopers who fought in Jerusalem visit …

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Israel at 59: Suspended Between Euphoria and Despair

       By Yigal Tzachor The year 2006 compressed into itself a series of unexpected events that would disrupt the way of life in any Western democratic nation. It is enough if we only mention a few of these events in order to illustrate the force of the occurrences: Parliamentary elections that destroyed the structure of relations between a citizen and his political party. If in the past there was a longstanding loyalty of citizens who voted according to the cleavage between right and left, …

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