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Ezra Weinberg was a member of Workshop 43 and was Rosh Galil in 1999 and 2000 and was the first Director of the Habonim Dror Foundation. He was a member of Kvutsat Yovel and continues to live in Israel. Ezra is currently finishing his second year of Rabbinical School at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. Ezra holds a Masters in conflict Transformation from the School of International Training

Meanwhile Over in Istanbul….

(The following is a condensed report of an Israeli and Palestinian delegation I was part of two weeks ago in Istanbul) “The word ‘peace’ has become hollow. It has lost its meaning,” said one of the participants. “That may feel like the case,” said another, “but we cannot let the voice of despair and violence re-appropriate our language for the world we hope to build.” This excerpt came from a recent gathering of Israelis and Palestinian peace builders meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. …

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If you believe that things can get worse, why not believe they can get better

I was asked earlier this week what I thought of Jay Michaelson’s article in a recent edition of the Forward entitled, “How I’m losing my Love for Israel.”  Having read and mulled it over several times, the only words I could think of in response were “disheartening.” It has never been a lonelier time to support Israel as a peace-builder, in words alone, let alone though actions.  Those of us devoted to bridging the ever growing gap between a Zionist identity and builders of a …

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Jerusalem Painted Orange

 By Ezra Weinberg What is blue and white and orange all over? Give up? It’s a young Israeli child draped with an Israeli flag for a cape with an orange headband. This is the new symbol of Israeli activism – young people showing Zionist patriotic pride in conjunction with solidarity for the people of Gush Katif (this wasn’t the kind of activism we did in Habonim!). There is a new definition of activism in Israel and it’s pretty fascinating and while it may not jive with …

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