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Kenneth Bob is the National President of Ameinu. He is a member of the Jewish Agency for Israel Board of Governors,  the treasurer of Board of Directors of J Street and a board member of the Forward Association. Ken is a past chair of the Habonim Dror Foundation, the national alumni association of the Labor Zionist youth movement, providing financial support for their educational programming throughout North America. In his professional life, Ken is an experienced entrepreneur and currently provides management consulting for small and merging companies.

Bibi, Trump and…Where We Go From Here?

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A little over a week ago I stood in Rabin Square with tens of thousands of Israelis, remembering Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin z’l, gathering with the moderate tribe of Israel.   Isaac Herzog, leader of the Knesset opposition, charged that “twenty-one years on, the incitement is the same incitement and the leader is same the leader,” alluding to prime minster Netanyahu’s role in the days before the assassination. “We can no longer let anyone, not a bully nor a leader, continue to …

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The 37th World Zionist Congress – Tam V’Lo Nishlam


The Hebrew expression “tam v’lo nishlam,” done but not complete, is a very fitting description of the experience of the Ameinu delegation to the World Zionist Congress. While we had our share of accomplishments, there is also much work to be done as we build on the events of our week together in Israel. To set the context, Our 18 person Ameinu delegation, with representation from the U.S., Canada and Australia, in addition to Ameinu members, included representatives from Habonim Dror North …

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Hatkivah Slate Increases the Progressive Zionist Voice at Upcoming Zionist Congress


The American Zionist Movement has announced the results of the elections to select the American delegation to the 37th World Zionist Congress in October, 2015 and we are pleased to share that we have significantly increased our representation. The Hatikvah slate, representing Ameinu, Habonim Dror, Partners for Progressive Israel and Hashomer Hatzair, went from five to eight delegates compared to the last election, an increase of 60%. As this was accomplished in the face of organizations with far …

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Kenneth Bob’s Letter to the NYT Editor

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To the Editor: This misguided and unnecessary bill is only the most recent example of the Israeli government’s profound disregard for the democratic principles upon which the State of Israel was founded. It is impossible to view this bill without considering the Netanyahu government’s continuing efforts to blur the lines between Israel and the occupied territory and its negligence with regard to the rights of Israel’s Arab citizens. At a time when the peace process has ground to a halt and …


Leibel Fein z”l; Activist Role Model


Visionary, thinker, teacher, writer, story-teller, activist, organizer….all appropriate words to describe Leonard (Leibel) Fein, who passed away on Wednesday night at the age of 80. He is best known for his groundbreaking contributions to American Jewish life, including Moment Magazine, Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger and the National Jewish Coalition for Literacy. He also served as the Director of the Commission on Social Action of the Reform movement and wrote extensively for the Forward …

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In Memory of Danny Mann z”l, Former President of Ameinu


This past weekend we were stunned to hear that Danny Mann, our former president and current board member, had passed away. With a sense of deep sadness but appreciation for a life well lived, I wrote the eulogy below that was delivered by our board member Steven Weinberg at the funeral today. In my comments I focused on Danny’s role in our movement, as I knew other speakers would address his wide Jewish communal involvement as a professional and volunteer.  Here, however, I want to share a …

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Defending Academic Freedom and Supporting Two State Solution

Ken Bob

Last summer Ameinu undertook The Third Narrative initiative as a response to what we saw as the often unfair and inaccurate attacks on Israel from the far left. At the same time, we wanted to create both resources and a forum for those on the left –Jewish and non-Jewish— who identify with a third narrative, one that neither reflexively attacks nor reflexively justifies Israeli policies and actions. We felt that due to our nuanced approach to these issues, we were well-positioned to take on …

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Bibi, Dermer, Kerry and the EU’s Announcement

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Two recent major news items, the appointment of Ron Dermer as Israeli ambassador to the United States and the issuance of the European Union Commission Notice, took me back to a meeting that took place around five years ago. Sallai Meridor, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s U.S. ambassador, was addressing a small group of leaders of American Jewish organizations, presenting an overview of challenges facing Israel. One must remember that Meridor, a resident of Ma’aleh Adumim on the West Bank, had …

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Ameinu Supports Kerry’s Call to American Jewish Community

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To the Leadership of the American Jewish Community: Earlier this week, at the American Jewish Committee Global Forum, US Secretary of State John Kerry addressed the Jewish community for the first time since taking office. In his address, Kerry reiterated the Obama administration’s support for a two state solution, stating that “The best way to truly ensure Israel’s security…is by ending once and for all the conflict with the Palestinians…and by reaching a negotiated …

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United States Leads the Way Back to ME Peace Talks

Ken Bob

When President Barack Obama appointed former Senator George Mitchell as his special envoy to the Middle East on his second day in office in 2009, it naturally raised the expectations of supporters of active American involvement in helping bring a two state solution to fruition. In fact, at the time Ameinu joined with other Jewish and Arab American organizations pledging support for such steps. As we know now, little was accomplished in this area during the Senator’s two years in the …

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