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Chairman and founder of the Frontiers of Learning Program that brings prominent national and Israeli figures on tours to Ameinu city branches for lectures and seminars. For Ameinu, he has served as National Vice President for Communications and as President of the local chapter in Los Angeles. While member of the Jewish Federation Board of Directors, he was President of the Council of Affiliated Organizations and Chairman of the Aliyah Demonstration Project. In Los Angeles, Martin volunteers as management consultant to not-for-profit agencies for the Executive Service Corps and as a magician member of the Magic Castle he performs magic for patients two days per week at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center at the Cadillac Facility. He is a retired mechanical and systems engineer as well as a personal liability forensic expert witness in accident cases.

A Liberal Considers Disengagement From Iraq

By Martin I. Taft, Ph.D Disengagement from Iraq requires us to decide whether to get out of Iraq now or later. In either case we must tradeoff the implications of each alternative and define the process for doing so. What follows are some initial thoughts by one who is grappling with this complex and critical issue. As a patriotic American, a traditional Jew, and a democratic socialist Zionist, I believe that American foreign policy should be based on our traditional values: basic freedoms, …

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By Martin I. Taft, Ph.D We live in a time when adherents of the political right have managed to create the impression that liberals are unthinking, unpatriotic, and politically incorrect. Sadly, the majority of liberals have not responded to these foul unfounded epithets as a clear declaration of war. They have shown their complacency by the absence of a determined systematic campaign to refute the untrue accusations and a constructive activism designed to rebuild the liberal image. I, for one, …

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