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Ameinu Welcomes Labor Party’s Proposed Bill on Refugees

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Ameinu, the leading North American progressive Zionist membership organization, expresses its support for the bill, put forward last week in Israel’s Knesset by the Labor Party, which would require Israel to define the status of refugees and determine the number of refugees it can accept. “This law would be a positive first step for Israel to help the nearly 60,000 African migrants within its borders,” said Ameinu President Kenneth Bob. “For nearly a decade, Israel has …

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Ameinu Trip to Israel

My wife and I used to go to Israel nearly every year – on Federation Missions, by ourselves, when we had children in Israel or grandchildren in Israel. We volunteered on Kibbutz for four months. The last few years have been hard. My love for Israel remains strong. I try not to judge Israel differently than I would any other country – but I expect more. I had to go so we cut short our skiing vacation and joined Ameinu. On arrival, we shared a van with the director of One Jerusalem. By …

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Stone Soup: The Israeli Social Protest Movement 18 Months Later


Every child hears the Stone Soup story:  There was no food to share in a war torn, poor town. None at all.  Then a hungry and clever soldier filled a kettle with water and a few large stones and offered to make “stone soup”. He did not ask for much, just a little flavoring for his soup. Remarkably, as villagers found an onion here and a clove of garlic there and a wilted carrot forgotten in a root cellar, a nutritious meal miraculously appeared.  Even a kindergartener cannot miss the …

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