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Trump, Bannon, Bibi and…the Musical Hamilton


Last week I wrote about Ameinu’s activity addressing the challenges of the election of Donald Trump and Bibi Netanyahu’s ongoing reign over the most right-wing Israeli government in history. I promised that I would be in touch with an update. I hope you saw that on Friday we issued an open letter to the president-elect, joined by another 11 Jewish organizations.  We worked to enlist like-minded organizations; other groups have issued their own statements and letters. I am pleased to report …

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Kerry’s Call Ignored


Imagine this scenario: The United States and one of its closest allies heartily agree on a certain policy goal important to both countries. The secretary of state addresses American supporters of that ally and urges them to prod their leaders to move along the process. The Americans applaud the speech. And then, near silence. Ever since Secretary of State John Kerry addressed the American Jewish Committee on June 3 and implored his listeners to “help shape the future” for a two-state …

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Are Jewish Non-Profits Targeted by IRS Over Ties to Israel?

Strongarm Tactics? IRS official Daniel Wurfel testifies about claims that conservative groups were targeted for extra scrutiny. Some Jewish groups believe they were also targeted over their ties to Israel.

  WASHINGTON — As the Internal Revenue Service reels from revelations that it targeted Tea Party groups’ tax-exempt applications for extra scrutiny, Jewish groups from the left and right are seeking to draw attention to a less noticed reality they say they face: Groups with ties to Israel seem to be drawing extra IRS scrutiny, too.Several Jewish not-for-profit organizations have faced extensive questioning on their ties to Israel when applying for tax-exempt status, the Forward has …

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Hidden Iran: Paradox and Power in the Islamic Republic

“Takeyh asserts that Americans have grossly misunderstood the complex realities of Iranian political life. As opposed to the image frequently shown in America—a monolithic government controlled by clerical fanatics—Takeyh presents a far more nuanced picture. Despite the recent electoral triumphs of conservative ideologies, Iran remains torn between those who seek a more secular, pluralistic state and those who hope to maintain rigid authoritarianism. The outcome is far from …

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Passionate Pioneers

A little-known chapter in the history of Jewish education in North America involves a wide network of Yiddish schools and camps that sought to transmit a distinctive, authentic sense of secular yiddishkayt. Over a fifty-year period at the beginning of the last century, about 1000 Yiddish cultural schools were established in the United States and Canada, along with at least 39 summer camps, sponsored by a range of organizations.Together these schools and camps comprised a vibrant, …

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