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Distinguishing Between Anti-Israelism and Antisemitism


Jerome Chanes, a fellow at The Center for Jewish Studies of the CUNY Graduate Center, is the author of  a number of books, including “A Dark Side of History: Antisemitism Through the Ages.” In the interest of stimulating a discussion, he’s suggested that I share his recently published op-ed in the NY Jewish Week, “Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism And The Line Between Them.”   I like his examination of how antisemitism has evolved to fit different eras and their …

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Roger Cohen on Left Anti-Semitism


The NY Times columnist, Roger Cohen, has at times drawn criticism for his liberal critique of Israeli policies regarding the Palestinians, but he has also long made it clear that he cares about Israel’s security and its wellbeing as a homeland for the Jewish people.   In his latest column, “An Anti-Semitism of the Left,” he decries left-wing antisemitism driven by an unbalanced over-the-top anti-Zionism, including an “intersectionality” that denies Jews their …

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