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Hussein Ibish: Arab Peace Initiative being Revived?

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Abdullah, center, is flanked by unidentified members of his delegation at the opening of the Arab summit in Beirut, Lebanon, Wednesday, March 27, 2002. Arab leaders were expected to discuss a Saudi peace initiative to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat did not attend the summit. (AP Photo/Santiago Lyon)

Hussein Ibish is a senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, for which he wrote Is the Arab Peace Initiative Really in Play? What follows is a somewhat abridged version: The Arab Peace Initiative (API) is receiving a great deal of attention these days, primarily from Israel, but also from Egypt, the Gulf states, and others. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said the plan had “positive elements,” after almost 14 years of ignoring or dismissing …

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Bar & Baskin Outline Steps Forward toward Peace


Gershon Baskin has been a pioneer in forging links between Israelis and Palestinians for years.  He even served as an invaluable go-between with Hamas in securing the release of Gilad Shalit.  In a recent column in the Jerusalem Post, Baskin addresses the Palestinian Authority and PLO leadership on reports that they are about to declare the Oslo Accords null & void. First of all, he is honest: “. . . Israel and the PLO signed six agreements, all of which have been significantly breached …

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