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Don’t Need No Education


Breaking down unemployment in Israel underscores the importance of education to a successful economy. More than 60 percent of Israelis with less than an eighth grade education are unemployed, according to the Taub Center in Jerusalem. Employment rates are highest among those with an academic degree, in part because so many of the educated go elsewhere for work. Average income for college graduates is nearly $3,000 a month while those with less education make do with $1,200, the income of …

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Passionate Pioneers

A little-known chapter in the history of Jewish education in North America involves a wide network of Yiddish schools and camps that sought to transmit a distinctive, authentic sense of secular yiddishkayt. Over a fifty-year period at the beginning of the last century, about 1000 Yiddish cultural schools were established in the United States and Canada, along with at least 39 summer camps, sponsored by a range of organizations.Together these schools and camps comprised a vibrant, …

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