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Herzog-Abbas Accord Distorted by Press

Abbas and Herzog

It’s just been revealed that Labor Party stalwart Efraim Sneh represented Yitzhak Herzog in arriving at a framework agreement with an unnamed representative of PA Pres. Mahmoud Abbas, on the eve of the most recent Israeli election, March 2015.  Here’s the misleading Times of Israel headline on an otherwise astounding disclosure:”Herzog agreed to ’67 lines in talks with Abbas, report says.” Here are the reported outlines, including the distortion, as I indicate in …

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Bar & Baskin Outline Steps Forward toward Peace


Gershon Baskin has been a pioneer in forging links between Israelis and Palestinians for years.  He even served as an invaluable go-between with Hamas in securing the release of Gilad Shalit.  In a recent column in the Jerusalem Post, Baskin addresses the Palestinian Authority and PLO leadership on reports that they are about to declare the Oslo Accords null & void. First of all, he is honest: “. . . Israel and the PLO signed six agreements, all of which have been significantly breached …

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