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1967 War Could Have Led to Peace


Like millions of other Jews around the world, 50 years ago, I was gripped by trepidation for Israel’s survival as what came to be known as the Six Day War began. Soon, however, our fears turned to awe and jubilation as the dimensions of Israel’s military triumph became clear. Our admiration for Israelis and their government knew no bounds. Yet my own very positive sentiments began to sour a few years later, when it became evident that Israel’s government was not making every effort …

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Did Golda Meir Miss Opportunities for Peace?


Recently I attended a program of Manhattan’s Temple Emanu-El Skirball Center on Golda Meir, a presentation that concluded a four-part series led by Meir biographer Elinor Burkett.  The audience consisted mostly of oldsters who adored Golda for her folksiness and feistiness. I should have known better, but what drew me was the hope that I’d learn something more about why Golda had ignored Sadat’s peace overtures for two years prior to the Yom Kippur War.  Also, I wanted to …

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