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United States Leads the Way Back to ME Peace Talks

Ken Bob

When President Barack Obama appointed former Senator George Mitchell as his special envoy to the Middle East on his second day in office in 2009, it naturally raised the expectations of supporters of active American involvement in helping bring a two state solution to fruition. In fact, at the time Ameinu joined with other Jewish and Arab American organizations pledging support for such steps. As we know now, little was accomplished in this area during the Senator’s two years in the …

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Israeli Elections on the Horizon; Can Anyone Challenge Bibi?

Ken 2

Israeli election fever is running high this week as the Knesset, led by Prime Minister Netanyahu, set new elections for January 22, 2013. Others have written at great length why Bibi decided to call for new elections almost a year early. Reasons include a desire for a new mandate as the U.S. elects their president, an inability to meet an end of year deadline for submitting a new budget and the need to build a broader coalition to face the threat of Iran. Looking at a broad collection of the …

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Kicking the Israeli-Palestinian Ball Down the Field

Ken Bob

I am sure by now you all have watched or at least heard about the “Secret Romney tape” in which he described the 47% of Americans who will never vote for him. There was another part of that tape that caught my attention as well.  Governor Mitt Romney defined his “kick the ball down the field” doctrine on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To be more specific, the Republican presidential candidate said: “So what you do is, you say, you move things along the best way you can. You hope …

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