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Why it no longer matters whether Jews are White


Almost a year ago, I was in Israel with strangers who quickly became friends, as Israel trips always go. We were sitting in our hotel room in Jerusam, and somehow the topic came up of whether we, a group of North American Ashkenazi Jews, were White. It was a thought that was new to some of us, but to others of us was a question that had plagued us for years. For others still, the answer was clear. Some argued adamantly that we are not White because our history includes not cultural dominance and …

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Why Progressive Nationalism Is Still So Relevant: Liberal Zionists Speak Out


This article first appeared in The Huffington Post. Introduced to Jewish political discourse via a Zionist youth movement many years ago, my world view and personal identification are still defined by progressive Zionism. Since the establishment of modern Zionism, the self-determination movement of the Jewish people, “hyphenated Zionists” have debated what values should define the movement, and since 1948, the State. Cultural Zionists, Orthodox, Revisionists and socialists all laid …

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Progressive Zionist Engagement with Israel

This article originally appeared in Contact: The Journal of the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life, Autumn, 2011. David Ben Gurion, who later became the founding Prime Minister of Israel, was the leader of the Labor Zionist movement that led the pre-state Jewish Palestine community and provided the core values to the emerging state. It was not a coincidence that when it was necessary to establish communities to define and protect the future borders of Israel, the socialist kibbutz and its …

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