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The AIPAC Disconnect


A visitor to the AIPAC website, http://www.aipac.org/ will find in the mission statement, “AIPAC’s mission is to strengthen the ties between the United States and its ally Israel”; under the rubric of shared values, “And both have evolved into democracies that respect the rule of law, the will of voters and the rights of minorities.   Similarly, like the United States… Israel has an independent judicial system, which protects the rights of individuals….” That Israel is a …

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If You Miss me at the Back of the Bus…..

freedom riders

While in Israel with Ameinu (Ameinu Journey January 1-6, 2013), some of the other participants and I took part in a “freedom ride” on one of Jerusalem’s de facto gender-segregated bus lines. As you may know, there has been a growing tendency in recent years for bus routes that predominantly serve the Haredi (Ultra-orthodox) community to have gender separated seating, with women and girls in the back and men and boys in the front.  When individuals complained to the public bus company, …

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