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In the Olive Orchard Lending a Helping Hand


Naim El Baida is a building contractor. He has worked across the Green Line in Israel for many years. His Hebrew is excellent, as good as his Arabic. He is one of seven siblings and has seven children, two of whom were married this year. His siblings live in Jordan and Naim keeps in close contact with them. He looks after the family olive orchards, a part of which spreads out from the West Bank village of Jayyous, while another part is inaccessible because it lies on the wrong side of the …

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Ameinu Trip to Israel

My wife and I used to go to Israel nearly every year – on Federation Missions, by ourselves, when we had children in Israel or grandchildren in Israel. We volunteered on Kibbutz for four months. The last few years have been hard. My love for Israel remains strong. I try not to judge Israel differently than I would any other country – but I expect more. I had to go so we cut short our skiing vacation and joined Ameinu. On arrival, we shared a van with the director of One Jerusalem. By …

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How Should Zionists React to Moshe Silman’s Self Immolation

Moshe before flames

Moshe Silman, 57, died Friday, July 20th, from burns on over 90 percent of his body. He doused himself with fuel and lit himself on fire during the protest for a just society in Tel Aviv, less than a week before. Below is an article written by Seth Morrison, an Ameinu board member, in response to this tragedy.     Checking Facebook on Saturday evening I saw the first photos of Mr. Silman on fire and of course I was appalled.  My first instinct was to think, “How could this happen in …

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Eyewitness Report: Ameinu Board Member at Tel Aviv Social Protest Rally

blue shirts

Tonight I marched for social justice beside olim from Habonim Dror North America and members of the Dror Israel movement. I was planning to go to a Pink Floyd cover concert in Akko. The concert was postponed and Dror Israel spearheaded efforts to arrange a rally on short notice in response to violent clashes between protesters and police last week. “העם דורש צדק חברתי”–the nation demands social justice. But violence will not be on the path to social justice. We …

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Socio-Economic Charter – Towards a Government Policy of Social Justice

Social Justice Protest

In advance of the June 30, 2012 social justice rally, numerous people and organizations expressed support for this document. They include multiple Zionist youth movements, Stav Shafir of the Social Movement, Bambi Sheleg of  Eretz Acheret, the Kibbutz Movement, the Histadrut, professors, tent protest leaders, the chair of the Hebrew University Student Union and many others. Last summer’s protest movement demanded that social justice be on the public agenda. The protests showed that the …

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Help Keep Israel’s Social Justice Protest Movement Alive!

I recently returned from Israel where I had the privilege of spending time in several different tent protest cities that sprouted this summer throughout the country response  to rapidly increasing prices for housing and other basic consumer goods and a growing sense that Israel is in dire need of a change in national priorities. For years, we progressives both in Israel and in the United States have wondered what has happened to the Israel envisioned in its own declaration of independence: a …

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