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Israel’s Youngest Knesset Member Sworn In Today

Press Release Israel’s Youngest Knesset Member Sworn In Today Media Advisory: For Immediate Release New York, NY, February 5, 2013 CONTACT: Aliza Becker Two years ago, a young Israeli woman made headlines and history as the leader of the unexpected “social protest movement” that brought hundreds of thousands of Israelis into the streets demanding social justice and equality. Today Stav Shaffir made history again, when at age 27 she was sworn in as the youngest member of the …

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Stone Soup: The Israeli Social Protest Movement 18 Months Later


Every child hears the Stone Soup story:  There was no food to share in a war torn, poor town. None at all.  Then a hungry and clever soldier filled a kettle with water and a few large stones and offered to make “stone soup”. He did not ask for much, just a little flavoring for his soup. Remarkably, as villagers found an onion here and a clove of garlic there and a wilted carrot forgotten in a root cellar, a nutritious meal miraculously appeared.  Even a kindergartener cannot miss the …

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