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Stav Shaffir on How BDS Strengthens the Right

On Thursday evening, Stav Shaffir spoke to a crowded group of Ameinu staff and supporters.  When asked about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, Shaffir noted emphatically that it is a “dishonest movement that strengthens the conservative right wing in Israel.”  She explained that BDS activists often claim that they are pro civil rights and pro two state solution, and then turn around and deny Israel’s right to exist and its right to security.  Shaffir …

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Stav Shaffir: The Face of Israel’s New Leadership?

Stav Shaffir

Stav Shaffir was a leading face of Israel’s social protest movement of 2011; tent encampments sprouted throughout the country and hundreds of thousands of citizens poured into the streets to protest the skyrocketing cost of housing and Israel’s shriveling social safety net.   A charming and intelligent young woman, Shaffir was elected to the Knesset on the Labor Party slate.  Today, she is one of Labor/the Zionist Union’s leading voices. Visiting New York, she spent part of …

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Israel’s Youngest Knesset Member Sworn In Today

Press Release Israel’s Youngest Knesset Member Sworn In Today Media Advisory: For Immediate Release New York, NY, February 5, 2013 CONTACT: Aliza Becker Two years ago, a young Israeli woman made headlines and history as the leader of the unexpected “social protest movement” that brought hundreds of thousands of Israelis into the streets demanding social justice and equality. Today Stav Shaffir made history again, when at age 27 she was sworn in as the youngest member of the …

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A Journey with Stav Shaffir – Israeli Elections 2013

Israel’s Channel 10 accompanied Stav Shaffir, who’s going to be Israel’s youngest Parliament Member, during the election campaign.

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Netanya’s Undemocratic Elections Panel


This was the first time I left a panel while it was still in progress. And of all places, it was in Netanya, the town of my birth and the place where I first learned to pronounce the word “democracy.” Today they tried to re-educate me. It started as an elections panel. Each representative had five minutes to speak. Likud, Labor, Jewish Home, Yesh Atid, everybody. I was the first to speak, and decided to discuss the connection between the social protest movement we have led and …

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Don’t Need No Education


Breaking down unemployment in Israel underscores the importance of education to a successful economy. More than 60 percent of Israelis with less than an eighth grade education are unemployed, according to the Taub Center in Jerusalem. Employment rates are highest among those with an academic degree, in part because so many of the educated go elsewhere for work. Average income for college graduates is nearly $3,000 a month while those with less education make do with $1,200, the income of …

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