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New Movie on Rabin’s Murder: Sensationalist or Sober?

Rabin, the Last Day

Since J. Hoberman, a highly respected film critic, is not a right-winger, I found the vehemence of his Tablet magazine put-down of Amos Gitai’s new docudrama on Rabin’s murder surprising: ‘Rabin, The Last Day’ Makes Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’ Look Stone-Cold Sober Amos Gitai’s polemical new documentary—opening in U.S. theaters Friday—on the 1995 assassination that rocked Israel sacrifices facts in favor of sensation This contrasts with my review in Jewish …

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‘Rabin in His Own Words’: Great bio-pic and more


I saw the new Israeli TV documentary on Rabin at the Manhattan JCC last week.  It was a remarkably candid and sensitive portrait of the man, just about entirely in his own words–all the more remarkable for his well-known reticence and gruffness–supplemented with home movies, news footage and stills illustrating his life and times.  We came to see the wry humor and charm beneath his gruff exterior, and were not spared scenes of carnage occasioned by terror attacks during …

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After 20 Years, Rabin’s Leadership Still Sorely Missed


During the spring of 2014, I finally visited the Yitzhak Rabin Center, near the Tel Aviv University campus.  In the words of the Jewish Virtual Library: “the museum combines state-of-the-art technology with multimedia presentations, visual images and artifacts, incorporating close to 200 short documentary films and over 1,500 still photographs obtained from archives in Israel and around the world.”  It begins starkly with a massive video and audio reminder of the tragic end of his …

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A Perfect Political Assassination Is a Forgotten One

Yitzhak Rabin Rally feature image

More than at any other time, the past 17 years of Israel’s existence have been characterized by conflict, desperation, violence and a widening socio-economic gap. Behind all of these phenomena is a process set in motion by the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in November 1995, currently gaining momentum as the memory of those three gunshots is fading away. One might argue that as terrible as the assassination might have been, it cannot be the cause of all that has gone wrong …

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