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Socio-Economic Charter – Towards a Government Policy of Social Justice

Social Justice Protest

In advance of the June 30, 2012 social justice rally, numerous people and organizations expressed support for this document. They include multiple Zionist youth movements, Stav Shafir of the Social Movement, Bambi Sheleg of  Eretz Acheret, the Kibbutz Movement, the Histadrut, professors, tent protest leaders, the chair of the Hebrew University Student Union and many others. Last summer’s protest movement demanded that social justice be on the public agenda. The protests showed that the …

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Why Progressive Nationalism Is Still So Relevant: Liberal Zionists Speak Out


This article first appeared in The Huffington Post. Introduced to Jewish political discourse via a Zionist youth movement many years ago, my world view and personal identification are still defined by progressive Zionism. Since the establishment of modern Zionism, the self-determination movement of the Jewish people, “hyphenated Zionists” have debated what values should define the movement, and since 1948, the State. Cultural Zionists, Orthodox, Revisionists and socialists all laid …

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