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Elihu Davison is an alumnus of the 17th Habonim Workshop in Kibbutz Urim. He lives in Morristown, NJ.

A Response to Zonszein

By Elihu Davison Homogamies attract. This fact becomes magnified because we now live in an era of ethnic devolutions. That explains why Scotland and Wales have their own parliaments separate and apart from Westminster. Ethnic devolution is why Northern Ireland …

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What Benedict Really Meant about Islam

By Elihu Davison Pope Benedict’s recent remarks at the University of Regensburg set off worldwide Islamic protests and demands for a Papal apology for alleged defamation of Islam and its prophet. Some radical Islamic leaders have gone even further, threatening …

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The Myth about “The Israel Lobby”

By Elihu Davison A study recently released under the imprimatur of Harvard University, just published in edited form by the London Review of Books is entitled “The Israel Lobby.” It alleges that the sole reason for U.S. support for Israel …

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The Day After

By Elihu Davison I’m writing this as the Israel Elections Authority is still counting ballots, so I have no knowledge of actual results. In a telephone call earlier today an Israeli friend informed me that turnout, as expected, appears to …

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