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Shawn Guttman made Aliyah in 2010 and lives in an educators’ collective in Givat Olga, part of The Cooperative of Educational Collectives of Olim from Habonim Dror. He is an educator and program coordinator for Hechalutz, a cooperatively run education center for Diaspora Jews visiting Israel. Hechalutz’s staff of olim and sabras seek to make change in Israeli society using education as our tool to do so.

Reflections of a Recent Oleh on Yom Ha’atzmaut

  Shawn Guttman sat on the Ameinu Board of Directors for two years while he was National Director of Habonim Dror North America. Today, he is a member of an educator’s collective that is affiliated with the Dror Israel movement, one …

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No One Takes Responsibility For Their Actions Anymore

Of the many stated goals of the Zionist movement, one resides firmly and deeply at its core: to take responsibility for the Jewish People. After 2000 years of survival a paradigm shift occurred with this one idea. We were no …

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To Inspire and Require

By Shawn Guttman   To Inspire and Require  By Shawn Guttman (Speech delivered at the Ameinu event honoring 75 years of North American Habonim in November 2009 in New York City.) To inspire and require.  A few months ago I …

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