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Avi Melamed was born in 1960 to an old Jerusalemite Sefardi family. Avi is a sought-after lecturer in Israel and abroad, specializing in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, democracy, education, the West and Islam. For thirteen years Avi, worked for the Government of Israel in civilian affairs and counter-terrorism. By the mid 1990's Avi was a Senior Advisor on Arab Affairs for the Mayor of Jerusalem. Based on this experience, Avi co-authored "Separate and Unequal-The Inside Story of Israeli Rule in East Jerusalem" (Harvard University Press, 1999). Avi has delivered lectures to the UJC, the World Bank, The Israeli Foreign Office, The Peres Institute for Peace, AJC, and The Jerusalem Foundation. He is also the Founder of The Teachers for a New Leadership movement (TNL) and a member of the Board of The Israeli Forum and a member of the Young Israeli Leadership Forum (YLF). Currently, Avi works as an Educator and Lecturer in the Maayan-Shachar educational campus.

Disengagement: Reflections at the crossroads

By Avi Melamed These are dramatic traumatic days we are going through. Yet, it is still important to maintain a broad perspective. Though we, the Jewish People, are at a crossroads in history there are, perhaps, some immediate lessons that …

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