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A veteran editor, freelance writer and blogger, I edited the print magazine, "Israel Horizons," from 2003 until 2011; and I've blogged for and edited the Meretz USA and now Partners for Progressive Israel Blog since its inception in 2006 (although I no longer edit the PPI Blog). I've been an active supporter of the Zionist peace camp since 1982. Other print and online platforms where I've been published include: The Forward, The Daily Beast, History News Network, Tikkun, In These Times, Jewish Week, New Jersey Jewish News, Jewish Currents, Huffington Post, and Dissent.

Reflecting again on 9/11, as a New Year dawns

Although not directly threatened by the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, my experience that day as a New Yorker, and even as a Jew with close Israeli relatives, will always stay with me.  The fact that this year’s commemoration of Sept. …

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Beinart Wins, But it’s Dershowitz’s Show in Iran Debate

Alan Dershowitz sees himself as very much a liberal. Even in terms of Israel, he touts the fact that he supports a two-state solution with the Palestinians and contends that expanding West Bank settlements are a bad idea. He has …

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Defending the ‘Z’ Word: Peace as Zionism’s Ultimate Victory

We have recoiled in horror and disgust over recent events in Israel and the occupied territories, in which Jewish terrorists caused the deaths from burns of a Palestinian infant and his father, and an ultra-religious fanatic took the life of …

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What’s Happening at Columbia? UPZ Acts for Open Discussion

This Article originally appeared in Israel Horizons (Summer 2005) a publication of Meretz USA One hundred students, faculty, journalists and other interested parties gathered at Columbia University, on the night of Feb. 3, to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The “call …

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The Campaign for Peace and Democracy… Is it either?

The Campaign for Peace and Democracy (CPD) describes itself as promoting “a new, progressive, and non-militaristic U.S. foreign policy.”  Its leadership can be characterized as part of the democratic left with what used to be known as a “third camp” orientation …

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