Join thousands of Israelis speaking out against Kahanism

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I’m writing to you from Israel, where right now, Israelis are speaking up in outrage at the news of Kahanists being embraced by right-wing parties. Meir Kahane was a violent supremacist who advocated and inspired acts of terror. He and his disciples were rightly banned from the Knesset in 1988.

Thousands of Israelis are already speaking out to say Kahanists have no place in the Knesset. You and I can join them.

Zazim – Community Action, an Israeli organization modeled after MoveOn, is mobilizing Israelis to call on the Central Elections Committee to protect the Knesset from Kahanists. We can stand in solidarity with the more than 12,000 Israelis who have already signed on.

People like you and me can show our support for the tens of thousands of Israelis who believe in equality and democracy. Add your name to our statement of solidarity, and we’ll send it to Zazim to show that we stand with Israelis who believe that Kahanists have no place in public life.

This is a time to stand up and be counted. Zazim is collecting signatures until March 28th, which is the deadline to approach the Central Elections Committee, so we have to move quickly.

Public pressure against Kahanists is mounting. If you sign on right now, you will amplify the Israeli voices who are saying no to racism and bigotry.

Ameinu is committed to the vision of Israel that was outlined in its Declaration of Independence; Kahanism is a stain on Israel’s democracy and an affront to Zionism.

Please join us in raising a global voice against extremism and racism in Israel.

Kenneth Bob


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