Ameinu Loses Dear Labor Zionist Friend

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Martin Vogelfanger, a lifelong Labor Zionist, died on January 9th, 2017, in Sarasota, Florida

As a teenager Martin was active in Habonim, the Labor Zionist Youth movement, and attended the Farband Mittleshul at the Jewish Teachers’ Seminary in Manhattan.

MartyVProfessionally, Martin worked many years in market research, and, with his wife Ruby, was always involved in the Labor Zionist Alliance,  AHA (American Habonim Association), and the Habonim Foundation.

As his children and grandchildren grew, Martin also became very involved in the New York Habonim-Dror summer camp Naaleh.

Martin was a consultant  to the publicity committee of The Jewish Museum in New York, and he had many associations in other New York and Jewish communities.

The Vogelfangers are longtime residents of Raananah Park, the Labor Zionist summer colony adjacent to the Farband’s Unser Camp and Kinderwelt in Highland Mills, NY, where Martin held several positions on the board.

Those who knew Martin personally were privileged to benefit from his broad experience and knowledge. Martin was a lifelong learner, and he was a true friend who will be sorely missed.

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