An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Israeli Housing Protest

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By The Policy and Advocacy Committee of Ameinu

Dear Friends,

Ameinu, the leading progressive Zionist membership organization in the United States, wishes to express its solidarity with you and your ongoing efforts to bring attention to the economic hardships faced by a growing number of Israeli citizens. The nationwide protests in which you are engaging are an inspiration to those of us who strive for social justice and freedom of economic opportunity in the United States and around the world. For years, too many of Israel’s social problems have been ignored at the expense of the narrow interests of select sectors of the economy. Today, we can see the results of this inattention: a growing disparity between rich and poor, low wages that cannot keep up with price increases for basic necessities and a dire lack of affordable housing across all sectors of society — students, discharged soldiers, professionals, the elderly, religious and secular, Muslim and Jew.

While your movement is not one of the “Left” or the “Right,” and your legitimate grievances transcend Israel’s politics as usual, one fact cannot be ignored: for far too long, governmental priorities have remained focused on strengthening “Greater Israel,” at the expense of a “better Israel.” It is time for a change in national priorities.

Israel faces many social challenges today, and Ameinu calls upon the government of Israel to protect the middle class and the weaker sectors of society. It is our fervent hope that your efforts will help bring this about.

Ameinu commends you on your courage and stands with you in your important fight.

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