Little Time Left to Oppose David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel

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As this uniquely troubling new year begins we are writing with a brief update on the emergency actions Ameinu is taking to counter threats to the United States, the American Jewish community and Israel from the shocking and unexpected election of Donald Trump. We also are writing to ask that you join us in this fight.

As we have reported before, Ameinu is helping to lead a campaign against the nomination of David Friedman, President Trump’s extremist choice for Ambassador to Israel. Friedman stands as both a potentially devastating departure from decades of bipartisan consensus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the embodiment of reafriedman-trumpctionary forms of Zionism.  Ameinu and our partners are gathering tens of thousands of signatures urging the Senate to reject this dangerous choice and hope you will be part of our advocacy team. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TODAY.

While we don’t have an exact date for Mr. Friedman’s hearing in the Senate, we believe it could be within the next few weeks, with rumors that it might even be next week.

Ameinu views the nomination of David Friedman as a dramatic call to action to fight the clear nexus between the Trump Administration’s threats to our cherished civil liberties and justice at home and our Zionist imperative to struggle — in partnership with our family, friends and colleagues in Israel — for a secure, Jewish and democratic future for the State of Israel.

Reaffirming our fears is a new story from the Times of Israel.  They report that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that the 2,500 new West Bank settlement homes approved a day earlier were just a “taste” of things to come now that Barack Obama is no longer in the White House…”  In turn, the Trump Administration has broken with tradition by refusing to criticize the latest settlement expansion plans of Israel’s far right government.  And it is important to note that the latest plan includes new housing in the settlement of Beit El, which has been a major focus of David Friedman’s advocacy and philanthropy.

In addition to engaging the community to confront the dangers of the Friedman nomination, Ameinu is also doing special outreach to assist Rabbis, Cantors and Scholars of the Holocaust to raise their voices.  If you want to be part of these campaigns, please contact Ameinu at

As this campaign proceeds, Ameinu will do everything in our power to stop these threats to our country and to the Jewish State — rejecting the new “normal” of racism, xenophobia and hate.   We were active participants in last Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, and Sister Marches across the US and in Israel, we have raised our voice on dangerous cabinet nominations and we will fight until the end to defeat the nomination of David Friedman to become ambassador to Israel.

We expect a very challenging four years to come and hope we can count on your support and commitment to this struggle.  Again, we urge you to sign the Friedman Petition and to share this campaign with your friends.

Now is the time for action!

With deep thanks and a commitment to see brighter days ahead for the United States, Israel and the world.

B’virkat Shalom,

Kenneth Bob, President

Gideon Aronoff, CEO

P.S.  Also, we hope you will consider supporting Ameinu in this fight. Please make a gift to Ameinu today to help ensure that we can continue to educate and engage our community to struggle for justice and peace, at home and in Israel.                              

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