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As a supporter of Ameinu, we wanted to share an update on emergency actions we are taking to counter threats to the United States, the American Jewish community and Israel from the shocking and utrump-netanyahu-goldnexpected election of Donald Trump. We also are writing to ask that you join us in this fight.

First, our most recent project. Ameinu is helping to lead a campaign against the nomination of David Friedman, Trump’s extremist choice for Ambassador to Israel. Friedman stands as both a potentially devastating departure from decades of bipartisan consensus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the empowerment of reactionary forms of Zionism.

Today’s work is framed by a joint letter on Steve Bannon’s appointment and other core concerns regarding the new Trump administration, developed shortly after the election, which addresses antisemitism and other forms of racism, protection of immigrants and refugees and backtracking from the two-state solution.

Ameinu has also taken a leading role in offering an alternative vision when Jewish community institutions have failed to properly respond to Trump.  When the Conference of Presidents organized a Hanukkah party at the new DC Trump hotel, Ameinu raised our voice.  We made it clear privately and publicly that this event was a terrible mistake — bad for the United States, bad for the Jewish community and bad for Israel – and have been covered in the JTA, Washington Post, The Hill , Jewish News Service and Haaretz/Forward.

A particular focus for Ameinu has been how Trump’s election empowers dangerous elements in the Israeli Right.  For example, MK Naftali Bennett of the Jewish Home party declared the US election as the end of the era of the Palestinian State — which is to say a two-state solution and peace.  In one specific example, Ameinu called out racism in Israel demanding that PM Netanyahu fire his Coalition Whip over racist and anti-democratic comments about Israeli Arab citizens and voting.

As this update shows, Ameinu is addressing the dangers to our country, our community and our partners in Israel – rejecting the new “normal” of racism, xenophobia and hate.  We expect a very challenging four years to come and hope we can count on your support and commitment to this struggle. To join with Ameinu in this fight, please consider making an additional year-end gift, of as much as you can afford — $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000.  Together, Ameinu can stay prepared, engaged and activated to respond to threats, at home or abroad, throughout the years of the Trump presidency.

With deep thanks and a commitment to see brighter days ahead for the United States, Israel and the world, we are sincerely,

B’virkat Shalom,

Kenneth Bob, President                                                                   Gideon Aronoff, CEO

P.S.  Please support Ameinu today so that we can expand our advocacy combating the nomination of David Friedman to be US Ambassador to Israel

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petitionAmeinu is joining with several other Jewish organizations to urge the US Senate to reject President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Ambassador to Israel.  See below for our concerns and the text of the petition and please join us by signing and and by helping makei this work possible by supporting Ameinu.

Members of the United States Senate:

I strongly urge you to reject David Friedman, Donald Trump’s choice to be the next US Ambassador to Israel. Friedman poses a threat to longstanding US policies in the Middle East that have been supported by Democratic and Republican presidents alike.

Moreover, anyone with a progressive vision of Israel and Zionism views David Friedman’s form of Zionism as undermining Israel’s future and as contrary to Israel fulfilling its goals of Jewish self-determination and the creation of a society based on Jewish visions of justice, equality and peace.

David Friedman is hostile to the two-state solution – the only way to ensure Israel’s future as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people. He is a friend of the settlement movement and an avid supporter of further settlement expansion. He’s shown disdain for Israel’s Arab population, questioning their value to Israeli society. He has even made the case for Israel’s annexation of the West Bank.

Furthermore, the contempt Mr. Friedman has shown toward liberal American Jews – labeling them worse than Nazi collaborators – makes him a horrible choice to be our representative in Israel.

I urge you to reject Mr. Friedman’s nomination to be the next US ambassador to Israel.


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