Thousands Rally with ‘Women Wage Peace’

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On Wednesday Oct. 19, 20,000 rallied in Jerusalem with Women Wage Peace (WWP), the partnership of Israeli and Palestinian women that we last wrote about here.  Also 4,000 rallied on the West Bank at Qasr el-Yahud, including 1,000 Palestinian women.  Photos in this post are from WWP activist Donna Kirshbaum.  This is from Qasr el-Yahud (the other, at the Ameinu homepage, is from Jerusalem):


You Can Support Women Wage Peace and the March of Hope

Donna wishes us to share WWP’s success widely and to know “the enormous responsibility we’ve taken on as a movement.”  She concludes: “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

This is a video of highlights of the WWP “March of Hope”:

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