Cross-Cultural Environmental Studies in Israel

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By Rabbi Michael Cohen

If you are looking for a different kind of study abroad experience that combines environmental studies, a cross-culture education and living experience, the Middle East, kibbutz and desert living then the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is the program for you.

·       The Arava Institute is the premier environmental teaching and research program in the Middle East, preparing future Arab (Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian) and Jewish leaders to cooperatively solve the region’s environmental challenges
·       Students explore a range of environmental issues from a regional, interdisciplinary perspective while learning peace building and leadership skills.
·       Academic tracks are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.
·       The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies offers several innovative environmental studies options, including one semester or year long programs, and a two year Masters Degree Program, both for our broad Middle Eastern and International student body. Our three-week summer course entitled Israel and the Environment: Development Challenges in a Desert Environment, is designed for English speaking, overseas, college students and graduates.
·       All courses are fully accredited through Ben Gurion University and are conducted in English.
·       The Arava Institute offers a rich cross-cultural living and learning experience on a kibbutz, in a unique desert setting in the Arava Valley, with a student body comprised of Jordanians, Palestinians, Israelis, North Americans and others.
·       Learn about relevant trans-boundary studies and research.
·       Experience educational trips to sites of environmental concern in Israel and Jordan.
·       Study with some of the leading experts, researchers, and teachers in the field.
·       Become part of an active and supportive Alumni network
The Arava Institute gives Jewish, Arab and other students a unique opportunity to study and live together for an extended period of time. In so doing, you will build networks and understanding that enable future cooperative work and activism in the Middle East and beyond.  Now is the time to apply for our summer course 2008 or fall semester 2008.
For further information:

<http://www.arava. org/new/academics>
rabbimichael@ friendsofarava. org
Call (802) 362-2432.

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
Teaching students today so nations will work together tomorrow

About Rabbi Michael M. Cohen

Rabbi Michael M. Cohen works for the Middle East organization, the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and is the author of "Einstein's Rabbi: A Tale of Science and the Soul." Contact him at:
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