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May 14th, 1948, late Friday afternoon, just hours before the expiration of the British Mandate over Palestine, the members of the Provisional State Council, representatives of the Jewish community of Eretz-Israel and of the Zionist movement declared the establishment of the State of Israel. This was just over 50 years after Herzl called for the creation of a Jewish State at the First Zionist Congress and also just 47 years after the formation of Poale Zion, the “Workers of Zion”, the forerunner of the Israeli Labor Party. In 1971, Poale Zion became the Labor Zionist Alliance. In 2004 the Labor Zionist Alliance transitioned into Ameinu.

The creation of the State of Israel has been a long journey. You have traveled that road with us every step of the way.

Israel’s 68 years of independence celebration has finished and we are very much aware that the journey is not yet complete. In 1948, we created the Jewish State. Today that state is still developing and maturing. The path is filled with new challenges and it those challenges that need your strength and support. Ameinu is essential to fulfilling a 21st century version of the Labor Zionist vision, a strong Israel at peace with its neighbors and providing a just society of all of its citizens.

In these past 68 years, the Labor Zionist movement —with your dedication–has evolved to find answers to these new challenges. Together we looked at where we had been and where we needed to go in the new millennium and we reinvented ourselves. We saved the very best of over 100 years of Labor and Progressive Zionism and made room for new and exciting initiatives. We made sure that we entered the 21st century committed to making an impact and the Jewish People, the State of Israel and the American Jewish community are stronger for it. Ameinu’s programs, advocacy and community building – in the U.S. and in Israel – have been endorsed by powerful figures. Help us to continue to celebrate Yom Ha’aztmaut and 68 years of Israel with a generous gift to Ameinu then these programs can continue and succeed.

It has been a busy 12 years for Ameinu and along the way we lent our hand to many of Israel’s biggest concerns. We have been a loud and consistent voice in support of a negotiated two state solution. We were engaged in the social justice street protests in 2011 and we have been a strong progressive voice in support of a safe and secure Israel alongside a Palestinian state within the American Jewish community.

Along the way our efforts have earned us some new and important friends. Friends in the Knesset and friends in the White House and friends from the stage and the world of music. These friends have called us a partner in combating the challenges that we face.

In 2014 we made a new friend, David Broza, a legendary Israeli singer and peace activist. He came out to strongly support Ameinu. He proudly explained how “We all have rbrozaoles to play in the struggle for a progressive Jewish state at peace with its neighbors. I try to do my part and Ameinu does it’s with wonderful grassroots work in both Israel and North America. In Israel, they work with groups that are pushing for social change and equality, building the mainstream peace camp. In Jewish communities in North America, Ameinu m
akes the case that the occupation is a strategic and moral threat to Israel.”


Please join with David Broza as a supporter of Ameinu and the Progressive Zionist agenda. Your dedication to our shared cause is what empowers us to continue.

One year later, it was someone else touting our praise, M.K. Stav Shafir. “Our friends at Ameinu were there with us from the start because they understood that fulfilling Zionism required much more than just the establishment of a Jewish state, but tireless effort to make Israel a land of equality, opportunity, stavcompassion and security for all.” A firebrand activist who rose to leadership during the tent protests that covered Israel in 2011. Stav Shafir is now a Member of Knesset who has maintained her dedication to a better civil society for Israel. She is a longtime friend of Ameinu and has endorsed us as “deeply engaged in supporting justice in Israel through advocacy, education, technical assistance and resource development … promoting access to education for disadvantaged communities, addressing the needs of Bedouins in the Negev, disparities in access to economic development for the poor and promoting a shared society through coexistence programming”. We can’t continue to do this important work without your support. obama

That was then and this is now, our most recent accolade came not from a Member of Knesset or from an Israeli singer/activist but from the President of the United States in a personal card to Gideon Aronoff, Ameinu’s CEO.


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In the 12 years that Ameinu has been actively working, we have collected an impressive list of supporters here and in Israel but none of them are as important to us as YOU. You are the very backbone of the organization. It is from you that we gather our strength and ability to make changes.

Please give as generously as you can. Your gift will be what allows Ameinu to grow and continue working for your vision of Israel, simply go to our secure donation portal


*This campaign has been completed

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