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Israeli society is about to make a choice.
Israeli society and the Jewish community around the world are invested in that choice.
Israeli society and you have much to say about that choice.

It is a choice between a society of hope and a society of despair.

This letter to you is about both action and choices.

Stav Shaffir, Member of Knesset and friend of Ameinu, writes how, together, we hope for – and continue to work tirelessly for – an Israel safe, secure and at peace with its neighbors.  Moreover, together we are also working to support a society that treats all of its members with equal fairness while ensuring economic security. Ameinu has always been at the heart of the progressive Zionist movement, fighting cynicism in the struggle for a just society. (The video of her Knesset speech in which she describes the essence of Zionism, Progressive Zionism, as a Zionism of hope, is on our homepage at

When Stav Shaffir was protesting as part of the tent city protests – Ameinu was there.
When Stav Shaffir fights in the Knesset for financial transparency – Ameinu provides support.

She and we need your help now more than ever before.

Please give online via our secure portal at
As Israelis prepare to make their voices heard via elections in Israel, Ameinu’s forceful voice supports the progressive Zionist goal that the vision we share is echoed here in the US.

To ensure our voice remains strong, and grows stronger, Ameinu needs your partnership. Together we can uphold the power and strength of democracy to rebuild Israel’s safety net, we can sustain Israel in the face of rising inequality and intolerance, we can engage other progressives – unions, religious groups, civil rights defenders, racial and ethnic minorities, the LGBT community, and more – to join us in the struggle for a just two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians.

To do that, Ameinu needs your financial support today.

There is one more thing beyond giving that you can do to strengthen Progressive Zionism.

You can vote.

The 37th World Zionist Congress (WZC) will be held later this year and elections for the American Delegation are going on now.  The WZC is the only International Forum of the Jewish people where representation is not dependent on wealth or spheres of influence. There are 11 different slates running for representation in the American Delegation.

Only the Progressive Zionist slate “Hatikvah”, the coalition of Ameinu, HabonimDror, Partners for Progressive Israel, and Hashomer Hatzair, undertake to support your vision of Israel.

Please go to to read the platform and to see who is on the Progressive Zionist slate. Your vote for Hatikvah makes a difference!

Your support is what empowers Ameinu to speak out loudly and clearly on the issues that matter to you!

To read Stav’s letter in her own words, CLICK HERE


Kenneth Bob
National President

Judith Gelman
Chair, Membership and Development



P.S. Please consider joining Shomrei Tzedek (Guardians of Justice) with a monthly gift to Ameinu. Members of Shomrei Tzedek demonstrate a powerful commitment to the success of Ameinu’s work and our ability to realize the vision of justice for Israel and her neighbors.

P.P.S. Your VOTE amplifies your  progressive voice many times over.




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