2015 Membership Campaign

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Zionism….Israel….its security….our people….peace with the Palestinians….religious pluralism….the social gap….Arab-Jewish relations….American Jewry….greening….Iran….progressive political action….Zionist youth….Jewish students….Anti-Zionism….Jewish continuity….

So many issues. So many concerns. So many organizations asking for your support.

But one organization addresses it all. One organization is the voice of progressive Zionism. That organization is your organization. That organization is Ameinu. YOU BELONG HERE. If you haven’t already renewed your membership for 2015, please do so now. Click here to enter our secure payment portal.

Join with us in support of a future Israel that we can all be proud of.

Ameinu is YOUR voice at the table of Jewish organizational life. Our commitment to represent you and your vision for a just and peaceful future continues in these most sensitive of times.
During the recent elections for delegates to the 37th World Zionist Congress, Ameinu’s Hatikvah progressive Zionist slate was viciously attacked by organizations on the right. We were accused of being anti-Israel traitors who didn’t deserve to run in the election. The attack came on the heels of our presenting and then, with the help of other delegations, passing a resolution that would make the funding of the settlements transparent, something that had been hidden until now. The accusations were thrown out of court and we will again be at the Congress presenting proposals to ensure a just and peaceful future for the state of Israel.

Our support for Habonim-Dror’s seven summer camps and Israel programs extends our important message to young families, teenagers and children across North America. The youth movement’s leadership development programs ensure a next generation of committed Jewish leadership in America and Israel. It was Ameinu that protected the Zionist youth movements from budget cuts that would have crippled the movement and their shlichim financially.

Our active programming spans the country and includes in-person speakers, national conference calls and regular e-newsletters. Speakers and writers include Israeli government ministers and Knesset members, journalists, foreign policy analysts, peace and social justice activists, and many others. Our objective is to educate, enlighten, and activate our members and supporters.

Help Ameinu Do More: Ameinu’s strength is its membership. Of course, none of this would have been accomplished without the generous support of our members and donors.  While we serve as your voice – it is the fact that we represent a membership of thousands that gives strength to that voice. We thank you for your support and ask you to help us strengthen our role in the American Jewish community.  We hope that this year you will consider becoming a sustaining member at the $150 level. If you do we have a small token of appreciation for that support- The Ameinu White Paper Progressive Values in Action: Opposing both Boycotts and Occupation   If you cannot join at the sustaining level, please know that your general membership renewal is greatly appreciated.

B’virkat Shalom,




Kenneth Bob                        Judith Gelman
National President                Vice-President, Membership and Fundraising

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