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Project Rozana USA —  Who Are We and What Do We Do?

Under the auspices of the Ameinu Peace and Democracy Fund, Ameinu is leading the effort in the United States to support Project Rozana, an Australian-inspired, multi-faith initiative that raises funds for critically ill Palestinian children from the West Bank and Gaza to be treated through Hadassah Medical Center, Wolfson Medical Center, the handshaking-at-the-barrier-300x2151Save a Child’s Heart Foundation and other Israeli medical institutions. Project Rozana’s fundraising also pays for training at these institutions for Palestinian doctors, nurses and therapists to enable them to build health capacity in their own communities.

The programming strategy of Project Rozana focuses on Transport, Treatment and Training.

  • Transport: For Palestinians in desperate need of medical care, Project Rozana will work closely with the Israeli organization Road to Recovery to organize volunteers to drive patients from checkpoints in Gaza or the West Bank to Israeli hospitals. This program facilitates life-saving treatment for Palestinians who can’t receive care at home, and it creates opportunities for people-to-people connections between Israelis and Palestinians that support reconciliation.
  • Treatment: While Syrians and Palestinians who come to Israel for extensive medical treatment  are able to receive partial financial coverage, gaps persist. Project Rozana will help fill these gaps for patients in Israel as well as for patients being treated in Palestinian facilities. Additionally, Project Rozana will organize large-scale medical development projects in Palestine, including a pediatric intensive care unit and women’s health clinics.
  • Training: Project Rozana supports training programs in Israeli hospitals and overseas that are key to developing medical capacity in Palestine. Pediatric and family medicine, mental health, women’s healthcare and breast cancer detection are among the priority areas for which Project Rozana will fund training.

Medical capacity building is one of the few areas where Israelis, Palestinians and foreigners can collaborate to assist Palestinian individuals and help the future state of Palestine develop its institutions for independence.

Supporting equitable and excellent health care for Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories fulfills our mission to promote human rights, social justice, security and democracy in Israel and Palestine. Please join us in supporting Project Rozana.

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