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Carolyn Amacher is a member of the Ameinu Board of Directors and has spent 15 years working in executive management of several Jewish Community Centers throughout the United States, and is currently Community Development Specialist for the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, VA. Amacher has bachelor's degrees in journalism and psychology from Syracuse University. She also earned a master of social work degree from Yeshiva University and a Jewish studies certificate from the WUJS Institute in 1985, when she also worked for United Press International covering the Lebanon War and the absorption of Ethiopian immigrants. She has served as vice president for the Association of Jewish Center Professionals, president of the Syracuse University Alumni Club of Central Virginia and chair of the Community Advisory Board for KXCI Community Radio in Tucson, Ariz. As a member of the Western Region Partnership 2000 Steering Committee, she developed an environmental educational workshop with American and Israeli teens. Carolyn also served as Co-President for JNF in St. Louis and co-chair of Ameinu's St. Louis chapter. Carolyn is Community Development Specialist for the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

Looking Back: a Personal Encounter with Peoplehood

It was December 1984 and I was lounging around in my “double” dira (apartment) at the World Union of Jewish Students compound, an absorption center housing over a hundred of us post-college Jews who were doing what is now called …

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Post Holocaust Zionism

By Carolyn Amacher Perhaps it was a coping mechanism, but as a child I had an uncanny ability to segment the events in my young life. When my uncle?s store burned down, I did not make the connection that the …

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Reflections on Habonim

By Carolyn Amacher It is said that we live in either our memories or our imagination. For most adults of “my generation,” listening to the Doors, playing pick up basketball and eating Twinkies is enough to invoke the warm and …

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