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About Judith Gelman, Vice President and Chair of the Executive Committee

Judith Gelman is the Chair of Ameinu’s Executive Committee and serves as the Chair of the Fundraising and Membership Committee. She also serves on the Executive Committee of the Habonim Dror Foundation and on the Camp Committee for Habonim Dror Camp Moshava, where her three children represent the fourth generation of her family associated with the camp. Prior to attending Oberlin College and MIT, Judith participated in the Habonim’s 23rd Workshop at Maayan Baruch. In addition to her work with Ameinu and Habonim Dror, Judith sits on the International Council of the New Israel Fund and on the NIF DC Local Council. Judy also serves on the Montgomery County, MD Steering Committee for J Street and on the board of a local private high school. She is a former President of Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation in Bethesda, MD. She has previously worked for the Council of Economic Advisers and the Federal Trade Commission, and is currently employed at Salop Economics in Washington, DC.

“Follow the money. Always follow the money” (From All the President’s Men)

  Of course, you can’t follow the money when it is purposefully hidden.  That is how the Israeli government hides its support of the settlement enterprise.  The government doesn’t spend the money directly.  Rather, it transfers the money from numerous …

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If You Miss me at the Back of the Bus…..

While in Israel with Ameinu (Ameinu Journey January 1-6, 2013), some of the other participants and I took part in a “freedom ride” on one of Jerusalem’s de facto gender-segregated bus lines. As you may know, there has been a …

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Stone Soup: The Israeli Social Protest Movement 18 Months Later

Every child hears the Stone Soup story:  There was no food to share in a war torn, poor town. None at all.  Then a hungry and clever soldier filled a kettle with water and a few large stones and offered …

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Paying Living Wage – One Synagogue’s Experience

The Conservative movement is roiled in another controversy.  This time it isn’t whether women count in a minyan or whether gays can be rabbis but whether halachically observant Jews are required to pay their employees a “living wage”. A “living …

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Cuts in Israel’s Child Allowances, Fertility Rates and Poverty

By Judith Gelman In 2003, an Israeli family with 10 children received NIS 6,500 (about $1,450) a month in child allowances. Three years later, in 2006, an Israeli family with 10 children received NIS 2,850 (about $640) a month in …

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A Walk on the Wild Side: Visiting Israel’s West Bank Settlements Eli and Shilo

 By Judith Gelman Eli and Shilo, settlements deep in the West Bank, aren’t places progressive Zionists often visit. However, last June, a dozen Ameinu, Habonim Dror, and Hashomer Hatzair delegates toured these communities as guests of the World Zionist Organization’s …

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Personal Confession: I Love Lobbying With J Street

I grew up in a political family—my mother was an elected official for 12 years and she ran for the US Congress in 1986. My father was a political analyst and active in the Maryland Democratic Party. He is currently …

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Educating AIPAC

By Judith Gelman Representing Ameinu, the largest progressive Zionist membership organization in the United States on AIPAC’s National Leadership Council is not easy.  At this Sunday’s National Council meeting I introduced the following amendment to AIPAC’s Action Principles: AIPAC supports …

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Cottage Cheese Spring in the Start-Up Nation

By now, anyone who follows events in Israel closely knows two seemingly unrelated facts. First: More than 200 Israeli companies are listed on NASDAQ, the largest electronic-screen based stock exchange.  This is more than any country outside of North America, …

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Food Banking and Hunger in Israel

By Judith Gelman Recently, I received my local food bank’s periodic newsletter with a photo of several Knesset members and other Israeli dignitaries shaking hands with the food banks own machers. The Israelis came to study state-of-the-art centralized food banking …

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