Ameinu: End Targeted Harassment at Ben Gurion Airport

Ameinu is deeply disturbed by the recent news of the interrogation at Ben Gurion Airport of Laura Mandel, a US citizen and board member of the Abraham initiatives, an NGO devoted to improving relations between Arabs and Jews in Israel.

Ms. Mandel was leaving Israel when during the routine security check she was asked specifically about her work with the non-profit, underwent a lengthy interrogation and separated from her belongings. Ultimately, Ms. Mandel was allowed to fly back to the US, but without any personal items, including her glasses. “Clearly, Ms. Mandel’s interrogation went beyond the normal security procedures and was directly related to her co-existence work,” said Kenneth Bob, President of Ameinu. “While understanding the importance of careful security measures, it is unacceptable that a democracy would engage in this kind of harassment whose sole purpose seems only to intimidate perceived opponents of Israel’s current government and deter people from coming to Israel based on their political beliefs.”

Ameinu stands with Ms. Mandel and calls on the government of Israel to review its interrogation procedures and stop the unnecessary harassment at Ben Gurion airport.

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