Truth is Not the Same Thing as Wisdom — No Need to Provoke Region Over Self-Evident Truth that Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital

December 6, 2017

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(New York, NY) President Trump’s assertion that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is a true statement, but unnecessarily risks violence for no tangible benefit,” said Kenneth Bob, president of Ameinu, North America’s largest grassroots progressive Zionist movement. “It, and initial steps to begin moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, are pointless provocations at a delicate time in the relations between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as the Arab and Muslim world and the international community.”

Like all Zionists, Ameinu is committed to the centrality of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,” declared Gideon Aronoff, Ameinu’s CEO. “However, Israel does not need recognition by any country or institution to legitimize or defend the relationship between the Jewish people and Jerusalem. Truth is not the same thing as wisdom.

Ameinu believes that steps taken today by the Trump Administration and its allies in the Israeli government are foolish and dangerous moves — which undermine efforts for peace and Israel’s ties with the Palestinians, Jordan, Egypt, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the European Union and many others around the world, Aronoff added.

In the context of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, the world will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of both states. Ameinu is dedicated to working to reach that day as quickly as possible.But today is not that day, and all parties, including the United States, must not take actions that will make peace and reconciliation a more tenuous and distant dream, Bob concluded.


About Ameinu:

Ameinu, the leading progressive Zionist membership organization in the United States, is dedicated to promoting a negotiated peace between Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab states, and to social and economic justice for all in Israel and America.

Ameinu reinforces Jewish continuity through support for Habonim Dror, the Labor Zionist youth movement, and management of the Kibbutz Program Center which sends 100’s of young adults on unique Israel experiential journeys every year.

Ameinu, 25 Broadway, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10004

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