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New Movie on Rabin’s Murder: Sensationalist or Sober?

Since J. Hoberman, a highly respected film critic, is not a right-winger, I found the vehemence of his Tablet magazine put-down of Amos Gitai’s new docudrama on Rabin’s murder surprising: ‘Rabin, The Last Day’ Makes Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK’ Look Stone-Cold …

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‘Rabin in His Own Words’: Great bio-pic and more

I saw the new Israeli TV documentary on Rabin at the Manhattan JCC last week.  It was a remarkably candid and sensitive portrait of the man, just about entirely in his own words–all the more remarkable for his well-known reticence …

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After 20 Years, Rabin’s Leadership Still Sorely Missed

During the spring of 2014, I finally visited the Yitzhak Rabin Center, near the Tel Aviv University campus.  In the words of the Jewish Virtual Library: “the museum combines state-of-the-art technology with multimedia presentations, visual images and artifacts, incorporating close to …

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A Perfect Political Assassination Is a Forgotten One

More than at any other time, the past 17 years of Israel’s existence have been characterized by conflict, desperation, violence and a widening socio-economic gap. Behind all of these phenomena is a process set in motion by the assassination of …

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